Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is all about "I need a Sale"!!!!

Ok, so I'm not sure what else there is to do, other than wait. I've blogged, listed in the forums alot, posted pics and tags on flickr added my pics to my facebook and myspace page. What else is there? I don't think my prices are high, I do try to go lower than what I think they should be. Maybe its that people aren't shopping for babies right now, or are not looking where I'm posting. I feel like I'm constantly on this computer promoting somewhere and really I spend too much time doing this and not enough with my daughter lately and that needs to change but I just have this feeling that I'm going in the right direction and I will get some sales soon. I see so many people on etsy say I've had at least 1 sale a day or 10 sales a day. Boy o boy I've had my last sale in july. Well I've had more on ebay and also my hyena cart shop which I just recently emptied, I just don't want to keep paying to keep it open. So blah blah, I keep looking for more places to put my things and I've added some different items like my tag blankets and pillows, and also finally got to adding more green things like my cloth wipes and nursing breast pads. I ordered more business cards with all my correct info, so I will no longer be crossing things out on them. I also made more tags for my items and am looking for cloth tags to sew on, which will look nicer and will keep showing my name and website without the option of throwing it out.

So as my little pregnant mind gets sidetracked again I'll put up some pics and keep on keepin on!
Oh and just so eveyone knows I do know my pics are bad and need work and yes that is on the top of my list and will get done asap.

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