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Saturday, March 1, 2008


So I am making lots of my new tag blankets, got some new fleece today, real cute stuff!!! Check it out!! So I decided after a very long time of going back and forth to open a shop at hyena cart. So I did it today, now its a work in progress so you won't have the link just yet!! Anyway I decided I needed to do it because another cool thing is that I am now a retailer for Wahmies and Drybees selling their cloth diapers, wet bags, pail liners, inserts ETC!!!!! Awesome stuff!! Anyway, my etsy site does not allow me to sell their products on my etsy site so off to hyenacart I go. Which I will keep my etsy site, just like I have my ecrater site, that really noone knows about, but its a free website and seemed real sweet but there are alot of cons too but its free so really I can' complain but now all there really is on the home page is me saying go to my etsy site. SOOOOOO hopefully that won't happen to etsy, which I'm sure it won't since etsy is a pretty awesome place to be.

So really does anyone read this, I don't think so. But maybe just maybe one person out there will and they will go to my website and buy all my items and I will be a very happy little mama.