Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducing Yankees and Patriots

So you asked and I made, whatcha think? New York Yankees Tag Blanket and New England Patriots Tag Blanket. I have them both listed on ebay right now and also Yankees is listed in etsy now and Pats will be tomorrow. This should be interesting to see where the fans are and how many of each. So far interestingly enough they do not come from New York or Mass. Maybe they will at some point. Well short and sweet I just wanted to show my newest tag blankets and show that I do follow through. :D Now I'm off to watch my Red Sox!! LOL


MySweetThree said...

Too cute!! Where were you 2 years ago when my brother had his first baby?...he is all about the Yankees, and I am sure my nephew will be too! I love it!

littlemamas said...

I was strickly Red Sox then LOL.
Thank you.