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Thursday, February 28, 2008

*NEW* Little Mamas Friends

So I just added a new fun friend to Little Mamas. I have the tag blankets and now I have added a friend to go along with the blanket. Its a little stuffed animal to match the tag blanket, its for a newborn without any buttons or things that can be swallowed. Just a little fun extra for that special little one.

Check me out on ebay I do add some of my Little Mamas items for a discounted price.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day Promotions

Well it's nasty outside snow and lots of ice. It's a mess, so I'm doing a little promotion for my friend Jenny, she is an awesome photographer and I wanted to let you all see her site.
Take a look, let her know what you think, buy a print if you like!!

So short and sweet and keep on checking out my blog!!
Happy Snow Day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Tag Blankets Feb 12, 2008

Well I'm finally getting back in gear here at Little mamas diapers. I have made some super cute tag blankets to finally add to my site

They are so soft and cute and babies just love the way they feel, my daughter loved hers and still does at 20 months.

Anyway so far that is what I'm doing and I may have another new little project going on. We shall see, Please stay tuned!!

I have been doing some selling on ebay lately a little side project or random things, but at times list some of my Little mamas goodies at a low price so check often to see if the goodie you want may be the next low price on ebay