Thursday, September 4, 2008

So I was finally right EEEEE

Ok, so last I said that I had a feeling I'd have a sale which I why I was spending more and more time on the computer promoting and sure enough it happened. Not on etsy but one on ebay and an offline sale of my pillows and some tag blankets. YAY Thank you!! So it didn't pay off on etsy yet but I'm hopefull and I do need to shop more for more fabric since I'm totally out of my red sox material and out of my Red sox products but haha I still have most of my Yankees product and some Patriots. So I will be doing some shopping and sewing in the next few days. Trying to come up with another idea for my fleece (sports) I have tag blankets and pillows and I need to come up with something inexpensive but geared toward toddlers on up rather than babies. Hmmmmmm.

Well just wanted to share my good news YAY me I'm excited and will keep on keepin on until the next one.... Peace!!

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