Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crock Pot Veggie Soup

Today I thought I'd share this fantastic soup with you. I am very hard to please in the kitchen, I have become a real picky eater and hate it. I'm trying to fix that LOL. Well I was looking for some recipes for my crock pot that has been sitting in my basement for 4 years and along came my mother in law to the rescue. So this is a recipe she gave me and it is delicious!!!!

1-2 large cans of Tomato juice (46oz)
Whole Potato
Canned/frozen/fresh Corn
Canned/frozen/fresh Peas

Chop fresh vegetables and add them to the Juice in the slow cooker first as they will take more time to cook than canned or frozen vegies. After an hour or so of cooking, add corn and peas. Let this simmer as long as you like for the flavors to come together – 6 or more hours.

Option: to make this Chicken or Beef vegetable soup, add chicken or beef pieces in the slow cooker with juice for about 2 hours – fresh vegis can be placed in the juice with the chicken or beef. Then add canned or frozen vegi’s later

Salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste!

This is a simple easy recipe and it is soooo delicious!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing my New Shop and a Thank you

I have finally decided to open my destash shop. It took some time but it is finally here. Introducing

I will have bunches of fabric, patches, buttons, zippers, Oh and yarn, anticipating a lot of yarn and so much more. Keep on checking back as I will be adding new items regularly.

I do want to thank everyone for their kind words and help while my little doggie Dylan was going through his sickness. I am very sad to say he lost his battle on Jan 22nd 2010, he has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. We miss him very much and it is very quiet around now even though there are still 2 dogs and a cat but his sounds are not hear and that is hard since I do "hear" him everywhere. He gave so much love in his 10 years and was just the sweetest little guy to have ever found his home with us. We love you Dylan.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Dear Dylan

My Little Buddy Dylan

Today I had to bring my little buddy Dylan to the vet ER. He hadn't been able to keep anything in for 24 hours, so off we go. I was pretty sure on my way there that he would be spending the night there, he was very dehydrated. So I'm waiting for results, the not knowing was so hard, I mean I know it was not going to be good news but how bad it would be was making me go nuts. Finally they called and I froze, thank goodness for a crying 1 year old and a 3 year old yelling mommy mommy I want a snack, to lighten the mood. Well he's very sick, he's 10 years old btw, they told me he is diabetic and has had it for a long time and that is what made him sick, they are also almost certain he has cushings disease, so both are treatable but not curable. He will need to be monitered daily, then weekly and 2 times a day insulin shots for the rest of his life plus meds.
Good news is he is starting to feel a bit better but will need to be on and IV for a bit more, so he will be at the ER until at least monday morning.

Here is a pic of him a couple years ago with my daughter.

For my major unexpected Vet bills I will be having a sale at my shop where all the money will be going to Dylans bills. Just mention blog in checkout and you will be refunded 10%. Heres a link.

I love you little buddy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Search of Crock Pot Recipes

I am very new to this cooking thing, yes I am 35 but I never really had to cook. I can do your basics, pasta, grilled cheese, cereal, scrambled eggs, pancakes, but never really ventured away from that. My problem is I get hungry and I want to eat now, not after I figure out how to cook, now, so my best friend has been the microwave.
My husband BTW is a chef, yes sounds great but he doesn't do much cooking at home since he's always at work, but he does bring food home, Plus #1 and plus #2 is it can go in the microwave and I can eat it now! I am a very boring eater so he really doesn't like to cook for me anyway, I don't like spice, really don't eat much in condiments except BBQ and parm cheese I don't even use pepper, so he really doesn't like to cook for me anyway.
Which brings me to where I am today, I am learning how to cook, I have 2 kids 1 and 3 and I have to figure out this cooking thing fast. This past Christmas I started baking cookies, they came out well at least thats what I was told. LOL Funny thing is for Christmas I received my 1st recipe box. Hahaha.
Now I've been hearing about alot of people using a crock pot. We have one, its in the basement in the box it came in for our wedding, 5 yrs ago. I've always wanted to use it but never new how or what to put in it, my husband doesn't really crock pots, I mean he's a real cook, its art to him, so many I can see that. But I need it!! I don't however have any recipes. So I'm calling out to the bloggy world Help me find some crock pot recipes...... please send me some, comment, email, twitter, FB, something!! Please help!!
A big thank you to anyone who helps or benefits from the posts of others.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Take my poll

My husband and I have been at a constant battle about how to say syrup. It's now pretty funny, our daughter is 3 1/2 and we both try to get her on each others team on how to say it. I am from Connecticut and he is from Indiana, I say ceerup and he says surrup. So I want to know How do YOU say SYRUP????? While you are taking the poll have a look at some pancakes with syrup!!

If you like to follow a chef and computer builder on twitter follow chefbenito or a crafty work at home mama follow littlemamas