Monday, October 13, 2008

Pregnant---tired---toddler, no not a toddler thats pregnant and tired--ME

Today I am trying to relax but it is very difficult to do when you have a little 2 yr old running around. So I am doing it now while she is napping, which is awesome by the way because she kinda "forgot" to nap the past 2 days. Oh and I'm 38 weeks pregnant which is why all the whining about relaxing. I'm soooooooo unbelievably tired, as anyone knows that has had children you really can't sleep anymore, comfort is just something you don't have when you have a bowling ball shaped belly to try to lay on and around. Getting up is a huge chore and don't try to pick up those toys on the floor from your daughter, you'll never get back up in time to get to the bathroom to pee. Oh and peeing so I am constantly leaking LOL the joys of being pregnant. Don't get me wrong I do love being pregnant and I am truly blessed that I am able to do so, I love that I can actually grow a little life inside of me and nourish him and keep him safe and wait until the day comes when I will finally meet him. But this one has been a very long 9 months, pretty much because I have been sick most of time, morning sickness for about 2 months all day long, then I had this horrible cold that I just couldn't get rid of and now its the problem of being to big to move, the shortness of breath and the overpowering heartburn. Also for about a month or so I've had some horrible cramps on a regular basis but not regular enough to do anything about. So all that and a 2 yr old that has been my life as of lately. Oh and yes I do have help 2 days a week from my husband, which is nice, but since he works late I still have to get up every morning when my daughter gets up so he can sleep. Haha SLEEP?? I have no idea what that is, but hey I have a great daughter and a son on the way and I guess as the old saying goes I'll sleep when I'm dead. So I am ready for my little guy to come into this world and I know Maya is ready to meet her little brother too. I hope he comes soon because he's been trying to push his way out for awhile now. :D


Beth said...

I remember those days well! :)

kim* said...

i am childless and married free and look up to you mommas. i was a preschool teacher and nanny. man what experience it gave me!

yes no time when you have a 2 yr old for sure! you are a good mom :)

littlemamas said...

Thank you Kim