Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marketing talk

As the holidays approach I am trying to get my shop out there. I blog here obviously and will be doing it more often, I tweet, is that what you call it, twitter anyway just started that and getting many followers although most all from etsy but still I sell and buy on etsy so maybe others will see my shop that haven't before, myspace not a big thing for me, it started as a friend/business page and then I tried to change it to just business, not doing much there other than adding pics and sometimes posting bulletins, facebook-but I really keep that strictly friends, although I do post my pics there and lastly I use flickr for my pics. That may be it online, well I do post in the etsy forums from time to time. I do bring my business cards with me everywhere but I haven't had much luck putting them places yet except for the post office, I've had one up there for awhile. Oh and I sell on etsy, ebay and craigslist.

So I do a bunch, I know I can do more but yes I am very pregnant and chase a toddler around so I get very tired and sometimes I just want to rest. But I need to try to get more things going on so I can hope for some great sales this holiday season.

I think if I utilize each of them to there fullest that may work out better, so that is where I need to focus now. So for this blog expect more blogging.

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