Thursday, August 28, 2008

New baby coming & toddler bed issues

So in about 2 months we are going to have a brand new baby boy, I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I have Maya in the nursery now and trying to get her into her big girl room and get the nursery ready for a BOY!! now people have said before I'm changing rooms for the kids and what big deal it is, and I've always thought to myself, what could possibly be so difficult in that. Well NOW I know, there are so many things going on, on top of that I'm almost 8 months pregnant tired, hot and have a toddler trying her best to help. Not to mention I don't have all the things I need, like oh a mattress for the toddler bed, and oh how about a gate for the top of the stairs.. This brings me to the issue of a toddler bed, Maya is not one to just go to sleep, she stays up and plays in her crib for awhile, at times she plays for hours.
Well of course I just did some editing and lost 1/2 of what I just wrote so I'm just going to end this one now, with the I just don't care attitude. :)
Well I need to rest while my lil peanut is nappingHere is my lil family picking peaches at the orchard.


Jodi said...

just wanted to wish you luck. i have a 10 month old (and a 13 yr. old) at home now. they get big way to fast!!!

Brandon said...

Many Blessing to you! Just take a deep breath. It will all work out.
My boys are 10 and 5, time does really fly.