Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little bit of saturday

I sold a Red Sox tag blanket today, I am so excited, it was on ebay too. I have this back and forth dealieo with ebay and etsy sometimes I love one and hate the other, depending on where the sales are of course. I wish I can just stay with etsy but ebay comes through when I need it too sooooo. So of course I'm a Red Sox fan which is why I'm selling those blankets, although I have had requests for Yankees blankets and didn't really take them to seriously but then I got thinking, probably a good idea, so I just may go get some Yankees fabric, and while I'm at it, I think I'll get some Patriots too, since football season is starting too. We'll see what kind of fans we have out there.

Any suggestions on teams you'd like to see/buy just leave a comment and I'll see what I can find.

So I haven't been feeling so hot today, I was hoping so get some sewing done today, I have some hemp cloth wipes, hemp breast pads and some more tag blankets to make, hopefully tomorrow I'll get some of that done. I just can't seem to get off the couch and move today, I'm thinking that I did too much yesterday and didn't give my body the much needed rest it needs. I am trying to get lots of my started projects (which is crazy because I am very anal and always need to finish something once its started but lately I have sooooooo many things to finish) taken care of before this little baby boy comes in Oct or Nov we shall see.

Oh I finally have Maya in her big girl room, its about 95% complete, but she is moved in and loves it. I have not made the toddler bed transition yet, we are starting with the crib and then we'll take done the side of the crib and then go to the toddler bed. So by the time her brother comes she will have her very own big girl bed. Now to tackle the nursery, little by little I can do that. So I feel much better and I did get major help from my mother with finishing Mayas room,or there would be no way I could have got it done myself.
Heres a pic of Mayas crib still in her old room.

Ok so a fun game, who wants to give name suggestions just leave a comment my daughter is Maya Rain, we don't want plain and overused, lets be creative, even bring back the old, we are pretty set on what we choose for the little man but we are open to suggestions. Have fun!!


w said...

maya rain is a pretty name. i'm sure you'll come up with a great name for your boy. (just don't name him lightning mcqueen).


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