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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Search of Crock Pot Recipes

I am very new to this cooking thing, yes I am 35 but I never really had to cook. I can do your basics, pasta, grilled cheese, cereal, scrambled eggs, pancakes, but never really ventured away from that. My problem is I get hungry and I want to eat now, not after I figure out how to cook, now, so my best friend has been the microwave.
My husband BTW is a chef, yes sounds great but he doesn't do much cooking at home since he's always at work, but he does bring food home, Plus #1 and plus #2 is it can go in the microwave and I can eat it now! I am a very boring eater so he really doesn't like to cook for me anyway, I don't like spice, really don't eat much in condiments except BBQ and parm cheese I don't even use pepper, so he really doesn't like to cook for me anyway.
Which brings me to where I am today, I am learning how to cook, I have 2 kids 1 and 3 and I have to figure out this cooking thing fast. This past Christmas I started baking cookies, they came out well at least thats what I was told. LOL Funny thing is for Christmas I received my 1st recipe box. Hahaha.
Now I've been hearing about alot of people using a crock pot. We have one, its in the basement in the box it came in for our wedding, 5 yrs ago. I've always wanted to use it but never new how or what to put in it, my husband doesn't really crock pots, I mean he's a real cook, its art to him, so many I can see that. But I need it!! I don't however have any recipes. So I'm calling out to the bloggy world Help me find some crock pot recipes...... please send me some, comment, email, twitter, FB, something!! Please help!!
A big thank you to anyone who helps or benefits from the posts of others.


Annette said...

Crock pot cooking is great! I posted a beef stew on my blog today

This is a good blog with lots of recipes and pictures!

Good luck!

Elaine said...

Watch for 3 soup recipes via email. Chicken tortilla, broccoli, & vegetarian chilli-all for the crock pot!

littlemamas said...

thank you!!
Off to check out your blog post and 365 annette! :D

Christie Cottage said...

I just make things like roast and BBQ, chicken and noodles, chicken & rice. My crock pot was used 2 night ago for beef stew.

the Lost Earring said...

Lots of recipes online. Just do a quick google search :)

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

frozen italian meatballs - a jar of chili sauce (it's not spicy - it's more sweet)...and about 2/3 jar of Grape jelly - I know! I know! Sounds strange - but it's really - REALLY GOOD! It's great for parties - but I like to make meatball subs with melted cheese too! Or you can use the frozen meatballs - (or make your own and freeze them for future use)...and put them in - with marinara sauce - and it's ready for later! Otherwise - google it - there's so many sites! (

Anonymous said...

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