Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BOGO sale

So because of CPSIA new regs I am going to be on sale, really on sale trying to empty all my inventory. So its time to shop shop shop, if you need a baby gift, if you know someone whos having a baby, if you know a baby whos going to turn one soon, how about some great onesies and long sleeve t's for next years Christmas picture?

All stenciled onesies and T's are buy one get one 1/2 off and they are already marked down to begin with. Time to stock up!!

Stenciled burp cloths have already been marked down too they are too cute and very absorbent so no more wet shoulders.

Also let me know if you are interested in diaper cakes I can see what I can do for you take a look at my flickr pics for some that have already been made.

So if things change I will restock my store, but if they don't I need to either close or go back to sewing more adult clothing and doggie coats and maybe getting back to knitting. Only time will tell.

For now please go vote at change.org to save handmade toys from from the CPSIA or a whole lot of shops will be out of business no more creative toys/gifts for our children, only mass produced will be left. We all thank you!!

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kim* said...

sorry about that. this world makes it so difficult for people to thrive sometimes...to think medicine would be cheaper for the ill...

to think your same situation would be less expensive and a little more understanding..such as if you made crayons then the wax was already tested so that the molds also tested so you can be free to make anything. it doesnt make sense