Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Focusing on international buyers

So we all know how bad our economy is. Now it's time to start marketing towards international buyers. I always planned on selling internationally but I never made it easy for them to buy, they would have to contact me into order to get a shipping quoate and that pretty much squashed any impulse buyers I may have had. Now I've done a few things, thanks to some of the international sellers on etsy advice, I added metric sizes to my listings (duh that is just something that should've been done long ago), I am currently adding specific shipping rates for different countries so they no longer have to ask me they can just buy if they'd like to. My problem is that there are so many countries and there is an option to adding a price for "everyone else" but they all range in price, so for now I am focusing on a few certain countries, I have Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom. Now obviously I don't have even close to what I should but its just a start, I wish there was a way for us to just manually list our own "everyone else" and if you are not in that bunch then contact me or I will add more from there, because while there are many different costs to different places there are also many of the same. UGH!!! So I'm in need of help and advice from other etsy sellers as to what they do and how its worked for them.

So for now Happy October, this may just be my little boy to be birthday month we shall see. I can't wait!!

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