Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally I bought a scale

So how long have I been selling online and using paypal, well almost 10 years and I finally decided to take advantage of paypals shipping method. I bought a postal scale and all I have to do is weigh on my nifty new scale and then I can pay and print out my shipping labels and no more post office issues. I never really minded going into the post office until my daughter turned 2 and I ended up having to put her in a stroller (and thats crazy in itself since there is no automatic door and there are 2 doors I have to open to get in this tiny little post office) oh and did I mention I'm pregnant now 34 weeks so its a little hard to get this done and I'm going weekly or maybe 2 times a week so I have been having my hubby go for me and even though he hasn't said it, its his least favorite place to go especially on his way to work. I think I have solved sooooo many problems buy making this purchase I can't wait to get it. I am so excited I am going to mail so much, so this means as soon as I get it going, I think I'll have to have a big SALE!! I'll have to decide what it will be. But seeing I'm still not getting any sales on etsy and that is where I'd have my sale it really doesn't matter now does it? LOL Ebay has been good to me lately but my prices are already on sale there unless you buy it now, so hmmmmmm what to do? I will have a sale on etsy though and see what happens, ya never know, especially close to the holidays.

So this week I've listed some maternity items on ebay and also some super cute toddlers Etnies skate sneakers. Also my usual red sox, yankees, and patriots tag blankets, I will put up more soon I have some drybees pocket diapers and inserts and tiedye dog coats. So take a lookie loo at ebay.

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